There's a reason why most people have a 'Bucket List' that contains one or more dream destinations. Enjoying a luxury vacation to a breathtaking destination is a dream that many people are aiming to achieve. For some, a luxury vacation may be going bungee jumping in Switzerland. For others, it's about enjoying the thrill and challenge of a new and exotic golf course.

Either way, fully enjoying a luxury vacation means immersing yourself in the luxury travel experience. However, most do not take advantage of the six essentials needed to enjoy luxury travel and, by extension, their vacation.

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Get In Touch With a Luxury Travel Agency | GolfShire Homes

1. Get In Touch With a Luxury Travel Agency

Planning a vacation is a lot of work. Depending on your choice of location, luxury travel planning can require taking into account things like:

• Getting a travel visa

• Making arrangements for your accommodation

• Planning towards your trip

It's easy to get lost or overwhelmed by all of these preparations . With the help of a luxury travel agency, you don’t have to endure this. An agent is there to cater to your every needs. There are a number of benefits to enjoy from using a travel agency, including:

• Their Experience: There's an advantage that comes with the experience and knowledge of a travel agency. They know the best times to travel. They give you tips on how to get the best value for your money, when you're travelling and when you're looking for real estate to stay in.

• Insurance: A number of things can happen during your travel. Your luggage can get missing. You may have to cancel your trip because of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances. Instead of losing all you've invested during planning, your luxury travel agent can offer you insurance in a number of different ways to cover anything that could arise on your trip. You can also benefit from their resources and contacts which can be used to fast-track your travel process.

• Exclusivity: There’s a huge difference between employing the services of a travel agent and going about your luxury travel plans yourself. For example, did you know you can enjoy exclusivity when you sign up for the services of a luxury travel expert?



Travel Private or First Class | GolfShire Homes

2. Travel Private or First Class

When embarking on a luxury travel experience, chief on your list should be comfort. Your comfort is key to turning a luxury travel vacation into unforgettable experience.

If you’re planning to take a luxury trip, flying first class or private should definitely be a priority. One major difference is the seating arrangement. Flying first class or private gives you space to stretch your legs. Seats are usually highly spacious and comfortable and can even be transformed private sleeping quarters.

In addition to first-class commercial or private flights, companies like NetJet provide an alternative that disrupted the travel industry by providing executive travelers a new option with extraordinary benefits. NetJets' fractional jet ownership provides the immediacy and luxury of whole aircraft ownership with none of the operational complexities and hidden overhead.



Hire a Tour Guide | GolfShire Homes

3. Hire a Tour Guide

In addition to employing the services of a luxury travel agency to help plan and set-up your luxury vacation, you should also consider hiring a tour guide to enjoy your travel better.

A tour guide, most times a local, knows more about the terrain where you're going. You will get more information from them than you will from luxury travel blogs A travel guide can provide:

• Local and expert knowledge of the area

• Recommendations based on experience

• Luxury travel transportation to easily move around the area



Secure Luxurious Accommodations | GolfShire Homes

4. Secure Luxurious Accommodations

Luxury travel and luxury accomodations go hand-in-hand. Just like food you equally need a place to sleep and relax, but there are various options to consider like:

• Hotel: You can opt to stay in a hotel. Your choice of hotel should be influenced by reviews made by hotel users. You will find useful, honest reviews of luxury travel hotels on the internet. Another way to find good hotels in town is via your favorite luxury travel show or book.

• Renting Luxury Real Estate: You can only rent one room in your hotel of choice. This is different to the experience you'll get if you rent a house, duplex in a choice area in the city. If you're going on a family vacation, this is a great choice for you. It's more economical.



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